Raw Food Journey – Day 9

Realizations abound lately!  Here are some things I’m learning.

1.  Going raw is not as expensive as you think, if you start where you are.   I decided to make raw tacos.  The Recipe is from a book Raw Food Real World by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis.  It’s from page 187 and called Soft Corn Tortillas.  When I went to the store and bought the ingredients it came to more than I expected!  I’d purchased a few other things, but still I was thinking “Yikes!”

I made the recipe and discovered a few things. The recipe which I thought would feed three people, turned out to feed about 8 or 9, not including the leftovers from the recipe that I could sprinkle on salads for more than a week after or the portions of food I didn’t even use in the recipe. What feels expensive at first is probably not that much more than I would normally spend on eating out and boxed items, etc..

TIP: I’m starting by replacing the things I normally use with raw/unprocessed versions. Nuts, juices, or things that have a longer shelf life.  Raw chocolate almond milk, instead of regular.  I also made a version of raw pumpkin pie for the holidays so I wouldn’t eat the original.

2. Food affects my hormones!  I love having a free day each week. Sunday, I ate ice cream and even though I didn’t overeat, that night before bed I felt really depressed, which carried over to Monday morning. I barely wanted to get out of bed. I didn’t feel guilty about eating unhealthy food (I actually forced myself to have a free day on Sunday to make sure I got what I craved in a disciplined manner) but sugar just affects my hormones negatively. I ate fine Monday and no depression Monday night. I guess the next thing I need to do is come up with a raw version of my favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

4. The body responds if you treat it well. I am starting to feel like my body is working with me. I actually lost weight Monday morning, even after my free day. My body is digesting well, even though I had a cooked sandwich on Monday for lunch. I made sure to eat a light raw dinner and I’m down about 3 lbs this week. I even felt like exercising one day and went walk/running!

5. Food is becoming a fuel not an obsession. Lately it’s easier for me to choose healthy options. I’ve turned down cooked food several times and fast food a couple times and even ate raw while the hubby ate McDonalds. I’ve been very hungry – due to working and no healthy food being around, but I just came home and ate healthy. I didn’t binge on hundreds of calories like I use to.  It was all okay.

My biggest achievement thus far, I feel is that I am finally using food to reach my goals instead of using it to get further away from them.


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