Raw Food Journey – Day 14

What I could have used this week was a little more preparation. We have been traveling for the holidays and with that comes the blessings of family, children opening gifts, smiles, and some, what I’m going to optimistically call “blessings in disguise.” Disguises such as sleeping in a strange bed, an over abundance of holiday food without my standard healthier options in the fridge, and even some small arguments from family who thankfully each year seem to forget the reason they don’t live close to each other and all come together anyway.

A little more preparation would mean that I would have prepared several delicious raw holiday snacks and pre-made salads or foods to take with me, so I would have been less tempted by the alluring snacks I did eat.

Life at the relatives for me tends to make me feel a little like a caged animal. I end up asking if I can help and usually being turned down (which is probably good because I have NO cooking skills. I’m not kidding), resulting in me walking from room to room, snacking and watching television with the kids or sports (which I have no interest in) until I feel guilty for not bonding with the family and go back into visit with the family until the cycle begins all over again.

Next year, I’ll prepare better. I’ll take a plethora of raw food dishes. I’ll take my running shoes and go running with the family runner. I’ll probably even take supplies and put together some easy dishes while I’m there. Then I can fill the time and maybe encourage some of the family to get a little bit healthier too.

So tomorrow morning when I get up and weigh myself and find I’ve gained a holiday pound or two, I’ll remember to count my blessings and remind myself next year to be more prepared.


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