Finding my own path Raw Journey – Day 23

What I am finding is that no one I speak to believes in the fantastic claims of the raw food lifestyle (healing cancer, diabetes, etc.) and because I am just starting out in changing my own lifestyle, I have no evidence or proof to encourage them. There are so many people that have health problems today and I want to encourage them to try to make healthier choices, but when I bring up raw food, I get looks that tell me they think I’m either brainwashed or just gullible. I’m going to try to keep quiet about what I’m doing (face to face, not on this blog) and let people come to me later on when they can see the change in me for themselves.

I’m going to keep a photo journal of the changes in my body. The photo below is my starting place.  Ultimately I’ll be doing a daily photo post on the “Project 365” tab, but I’m having problems with it at the moment, so I’ll update you when It’s fixed.

Girl on pogo stick

Project 365 – Day 2 – testing my pogo stick skills! Sad to say they are lacking.

This is me at my current weight of 210 lbs. My goal for January is to lose 10 lbs.

I’m having a very hard time this first week getting in the groove! Coming off the holidays and stress at work is not making it easy to make healthy choices. What I am finding is the decision to make two raw meals and one regular has been very smart. I find if work is really stressful or busy and I go to lunch around 3pm, which is obviously late, then I eat something quick and know I can eat raw for dinner. I don’t beat myself up for a quickie meal in the middle of the day, because I know breakfast and dinner will be healthy. This has been particularly helpful when I am so busy I haven’t had time to prepare raw foods, ultimately leaving me with things I don’t have to fix, like raw fruit and veggies in their basic forms.

Eating a green shake for breakfast has been the easiest. Breakfast tends to be very easy for me to eat healthy. Thank God for the easy things!

This weeks challenge is to walk/run as many miles as I can. I’ll give you the total in the next blog. Note: I’m not a runner, so don’t get your hopes too high.

To sum up: #1. I’ll be focusing on losing 10 lbs in January. #2. Week 1 physical challenge is to walk/run as many miles as I can. #3. Continue to eat two raw meals daily (with Sunday as my free day – this means keeping chocolate and sweets saved for Sunday).

It’s been a crazy beginning to the week, but still the journey continues.



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