Courage to live the life I want – Raw food journey – day 28

Girl taking a picture of herself drawing a picture

Girl drawing

I was watching Agatha Christy’s “Poirot” on BBC when a colorful pallet sitting alone on a table in an art room flashed across the screen. Then it happened, time stopped and for a wonderful moment I was frozen in my ideal life. I don’t mean the one where my room-mate turns out to be a psychotic killer, and I end up dead over a painting, but my ideal art room. You have an ideal place too, it’s that place in your mind where the ideal you lives. Then I started to wonder, “Do I have the courage to live my ideal life?” Despite what society says. Despite the restrictions of night and day. I’ve always had this vision of myself painting late at night when others are sleeping. That’s one reason I’m so interested in raw food. Most people who eat fully raw say they have lots of energy. I want that energy. I want that life.

It’s true I can make plans for my ideal life when I move or circumstances change, but what if I could start living the life I want, with the resources I have now, in the place I am now? What would that life be? What would it entail? Most importantly, do I have the courage to take that life for my own accepting with it all the pleasures and responsibilities it requires?

This week has been a hard week. If I were to answer that question based on this week alone, I would say “no.” I’ve had a hard time staying on track. One thing I have done right is to get up and make progress no matter how I felt. I didn’t make as much progress as I could have if I had been at my best, but I moved forward.

That’s the cool thing about life. You don’t actually have to be motivated to move forward, and you don’t have to feel good or happy to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. You just have to keep moving forward. One way I did that this week is that I ate raw during a surprise family get together.

Physical Challenge Update:
I walked a total of 7.4 miles in 2.5 hours this week. I’m not breaking any speed records, but I started. Everyone has to start from somewhere!  This week (Sunday to Saturday), I will try walk/running again and do better.

As quoted by Disney’s “Meet the Robinsons” movie. This week I encourage you to “Keep Moving Forward!”



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