Juice me! RFJ – Day 49

Monday am: Sunday was my first all raw day in a while. I forgot how well I sleep when I eat fully raw! It was great!  I weighed 208 (and some change) the next morning, and yes, like regular change, I lost exact count. I just saw the 8 and was to excited to remember the rest. I’m excited to see how much I weigh tomorrow.  I know when I start eating regular food again I will gain 3 to 5 pounds instantly, but my goal is to make sure when I do that I have broken through my 210 plateau. Ideally, then I will keep losing till I settle at a new weight and then I can juice again. Maintaining has been really easy for me since I am listening to my body much better now, it’s the continual losing that requires the work, but I am up for the challenge!

Tuesday am: I lost two more pounds, down to 206! Yesterday I counted calories to make sure I am getting enough; I counted 1200 calories, yet still lost two lbs. That tells me that when I drink juice, it’s so easy for the body to absorb and digest and so low in fat that I can have more calories and still easily lose weight. I plan on counting my calories all week because last time I went on a juice diet I didn’t have enough calories and my metabolism slowed down. This time I want the benefit of losing weight, but keeping my metabolism high.

Wednesday am: I lost over a pound yesterday, I now weigh 204.8. I looked back at yesterday’s calories and I only at 1050. Way too low! But I wasn’t hungry.  I think today, as an experiment, I am going to try to double everything, double my calorie intake at every juice meal, double the nasty green powder drink (I drink once a day it has concentrated super greens) and double my exercise (in times exercised, not necessarily length). Then see how my body responds. Ha! Maybe it will double the weight I lose! Wouldn’t that be awesome!
Yesterday I was craving all sorts of foods. Thinking when I get done juicing I’m going to have this and this, but today I don’t feel that way. I’m thinking how can I have healthy raw foods ready to go. There is always a time of cleansing when juicing, it’s nice to be on the other side of the cravings for now.

Thursday am: I have been waking up anxious of stomach. I think it has a little to do with my sudden change to liquid diet, but also the pressure I put on myself to lose the weight quickly this week. I needed 10 more pounds at the beginning of the week to reach my goal for January. However, a little pressure is good, adds some excitement to my life.
I doubled my calories (2,012 total), vitamins and exercise yesterday. This morning I weighed 204.4, losing only 4 ounces. I am going to cut my calories to 1200 today and hopefully lose two more pounds today. That will put me at 8 lbs lost for the week and when I start eating solids again, I’m hoping to settle in around 205.
When I put it like that, it seems like a lot of work for 5 lbs, but it’s worth it. Everything worth achieving takes hard work, and it really hasn’t been “that” hard of work.

Friday am: Yesterday I ate around 1100 calories again, hoping to confuse my body and lose more weight today, but such didn’t happen. I lost 2 oz. So my total is 204.2. Yesterday was the end of my juicing. Today I’m back on regular food. I haven’t made it to 200 in January like I hoped, but with losing the holiday weight, I’d regained, I lost a total of 12 pounds this month.  I will likely gain a bit as the solid food doesn’t digest as fast, but I’ll let you know what I settle in at, here in a few days. I’m back on vacation for a Super Bowl weekend, but I plan to be more active and not make it another gain six pounds sort of holiday.

Saturday am: I weighed this morning after my first day back on solids and no change in my weight. I’m still 204. That is great, very surprising news! This week I also went down a loop in my belt size. Plus I finally broke my 210 plateau! Now I just need to continue eating 2 raw meals daily and exercising!

Physical challenge update: I walked approximately 1.5 hours on the treadmill at 2.5 mph and jumped rope around 5 minutes for the whole week. My numbers were all down this week, because although I noticed my energy for regular things was fine, my stamina for prolonged aerobics was less. Another physical challenge coming for next week.


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