Bicycling saves the day – RFJ – Day 55

This week was one I don’t wish to repeat. My camera broke and that was just one freak weirdness in the middle of lots of slamming doors. My schedule of late has been a late lunch schedule. I have a green shake for breakfast, and don’t get lunch till between 1 pm and 3 pm. Usually by then, I just want to grab what sounds good and is easy to fix. I need to take a granola bar or something to snack on in between, but it wasn’t a week to remember such things.

I have done well exercising this week which has helped with my poor food choices. Monday and Tuesday I jumped rope for 20 minutes each day. Wednesday I took off, noticing my right calf was super tight, due to an old injury and jumping so much. Thursday I set up my trainer and bicycle. I rode 40 minutes Thursday and 50 Friday.  Saturday I got up and rode for 11 minutes in the morning (on a super sore butt). Yeah, you long distance bikers know that feeling…

A few years ago, I did a 600 mile two week ride with my dad. It was hard and great. I’d like to do another one, so I’d better start training my butt now. There’s something about bicycling that takes you back to being a kid. Probably because on the road you only have about three things on your mind. Food, lodging and food.  It’s wonderful to have so little on your mind. Perhaps that’s why I started riding again. It’s great exercise, but while I am stuck dealing with some things at this point in my life, I can still make progress on my weight loss goals through biking, and maybe even ease a little of the day to day stress.

Physical update: this weeks exercises will include jumping rope, riding bikes and arm weights (5 lb weights, curls and such while watching the telly).


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