February’s Last Ditch Effort – RFJ Day 76

It’s the last week of February 2015! I’ll never get this week back!

Sunday, the 22nd,  was my rest day and so I didn’t exercise, but through a flawed system it was also my free day. I didn’t actually eat crazy, but I still ended up eating 2300 calories. This morning (Monday) I weighed 205.6 still! Hallelujah! I gained nothing on my free day! That says good things about my metabolism!

In more serious news,  I wanted to have lost 10 lbs this month.  Who knew trying to lose something could be so hard? ( Guess that’s good news for my marbles.)  I’ve lost inches, but really not much weight. So this week I’m going to ride as usual and I’m going to concentrate on eating super low-fat. I wont worry about my calories, just try to keep the fat low. That should help my body to lose as much weight as it can in this last week and also give a boost to my fruit and veggie quota. Also in the back of my mind I’ve been tossing around how I could do a long distance bike ride on a raw food diet. To keep from “bonking” during a normal ride, I keep fruit roll ups, jelly beans or licorice in my handle bar bag, but I’d love to be able to ride on a raw diet… Honestly it sounds so impossible because I remember how hungry I get riding 6+ hours a day. However, I’ll keep experimenting.

It’s Wednesday morning and I stepped on the scale, or should I say lightly, gracefully even, danced to the scale and it rang out a sweet 203.2.  Then I suddenly heard Sylvester Stallone’s character Adrian saying “You’re gonna do it! You’re gonna do it!”  The crowd was screaming my name “Moe! Moe! Moe!” Alright, it isn’t quite as good without a two-syllable name like Rocky, but I still heard it.

My body is beginning to feel differently. On my dad’s side, we are “sturdy stock.” It’s understood by his side of the family that we have “family calves.” Another family trait is that when we gain weight, we gain it all over our bodies, so I can gain 15 lbs before anyone even notices I’ve gained anything, unlike some people who gain it all in one spot, like their hips. The other side of this coin is that when I lose weight, I also lose it all over, so I have to lose 15 lbs before anyone notices. Lately thought, my body has been feeling differently.  I am starting to see progress in each body part. I’ll see my side and say “that looks smoother right there” or “my tummy looks flatter today.” That’s pretty fun.

On the other side of that coin,  I sometimes look at my body and see how out of shape I’ve become and think how did I let this happen. I’m so ashamed of my neglect. Jim Rohn (my favorite speaker) said “we all pity the man who says ‘I only let down in this one area,’ because it’s not true. If we don’t exercise, then likely we wont eat well, and if we don’t eat well, then likely we wont be energetic enough to read that educational book after work, and the cycle continues. Till one day we say ‘I’ve messed up!'” He does go on to say that we can break the cycle by beginning to clean up the mess. Start exercising, which leads to eating healthy, which leads to educating ourselves, it cycles this way too.  I can’t do anything about my past behavior, but I can do something about today. I will also remember not to let my guard down,  not to start to slack for thus begins the cycle, to a life I don’t want, and a me I don’t like.

Physical Update: I went from 215 lbs to 204 lbs (my juicing weight) in January, totaling an 11 lb weight loss for that month. When I came off my juicing diet,  I went up 3 lbs immediately, putting me at 207.6 on Feb. 3rd.

2+ hours a day and my calories have gone from 1200 to 2000+ daily.  Feb 28th I weighed 203.4 lbs. Losing a (sad) total of 4 lbs in Feb. I’m hoping these pounds are so hard-fought because they are all fat.

I took measurements on January 25th and February 28th. February inches lost: Waist – 1.5,  Ribs – 2.5,  Chest -.75,  Hips – .75,  Thighs – .5.



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