Balancing Act – RFJ Day 83

There’s this guy on Youtube known for balancing things (the link is at the end of this blog). He’s learned to do with tangible things, like rocks and bikes, what we all should learn to do in life. I, personally, live on the edge of unbalanced and I’m pretty sure my middle name is teeter-totter. (Yeah I know, statements like that make me so inspirational.)

I also believe that if you want to be successful at something it helps to make it easy for yourself. For instance, if you are not a morning person, it makes no sense to exercise early in the morning. Then not only do you have to fight your habit of not exercising, you have to fight your natural inclination to sleep in and you have to force yourself to go to bed earlier and the list goes on… Not good!

I’ve been doing great at exercising, enjoying myself, burning lots of calories, losing inches and fat, but I’ve been so focused on exercising that I have been neglecting the “raw food” part of this journey.

I believe raw food is really important. I’m very healthy and have no illnesses to speak of, but that doesn’t mean that with continual consumption of beverages with chemicals and meats and dairy with hormones and other foods that are edible, but technically not “food” that something wont happen. I also believe that eating raw food can reverse health damage, even things like cancer and fibromyalgia, but I don’t want to be the girl who waits for disaster to force me to change. I want to be smarter than that and spare myself (and my family) the pain, if I can.

Out of habit, I drink a green shake for breakfast most everyday and usually have fruit and cottage cheese in the evenings, but I’ve been having too much sugar. Those store-bought granola bars, sweetened tea and chocolate chips. I need to get back to being inspired about raw food. This should be a little easier for me as I hate to cook and I like to eat the same thing frequently because it makes my life easier and saves decision time. So this week, with balance and working with my habits in mind,  I am going to re-inspire my raw food self and work to cut down on the sugar.

Physical Update: Weight 204.4 . Biking daily (with one rest day weekly). For training inspiration I’m planning a long distance trip with my dad this summer. There is still that dream, in the back of my head, of biking on mostly or all raw food. I’ll try to keep that vision in front of me to help with eating this week.

Balancing Guy



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