Count the cost – RFJ Day 97

I really believe that “ignorance is bliss” up to a point. In the long run, being ignorant is harder, but in the short-term education can be painful, especially if you actually want to make your life better. Education forces change. I love change, but I don’t deny that habits – the natural enemy of change – are sometimes comforting. In fact, we have to fight habits so they don’t become comfortable, unless they are habits that lead us to our goals, even then, when a habit becomes comfortable we must re-evaluate it to make sure it is still moving us forward.

For instance, when riding my bike becomes comfortable and I enjoy it daily, I need to look and say, has my body adjusted so this exercise is no longer pushing my heart and pushing my muscles. Have I allowed it to become comfortable to uselessness?

Back to my original point, I’ve been dealing with the pain of education for a while now. It first started when I read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Then I bought and played his game called Cash Flow. I learned about “doodads.” These are the things you buy that cost but don’t necessarily return any money into your pocket. It was what Oprah calls an “Ah ha moment.” From then on I questioned everything I bought. Did I really need a second pair of jeans? Did I need to buy church clothes when I could borrow them from family who has lots of unused clothes in their closets they don’t even fit anymore? I’ve learned and continue to learn balance in these issues, never the less, it completely changed my life.

Regarding my raw food journey, I am experiencing the same thing. I still believe that balance is key to life, and that helps even out the tendency I have toward extremes, because of my desire to progress quickly, but I still find myself responding to the food I eat. If I eat too many unhealthy foods during the week am I really feeling poorly because of the foods or is it “all in my head.” How fast does that pizza affect my mental focus?

Fortunately I once read (Jim Rohn I think) that you pay for everything in life. Everything costs. I choose to skip my workout and I get to rest my body, but it costs one more day away from my weight loss goal. I choose to relax now and I pay later, or I choose to pay with discipline now, which costs me right now, but I gain later (and possibly now too). Every choice in life costs something, are you willing to pay the price?

Physical update: I spent this week sick in bed. I didn’t exercise at all and I didn’t gain or lose any weight.  As usual, it did cause me to re-evaluate my food choices. (This happens every time I get sick.) I decided that I’m doing great with exercising and eating a healthy breakfast. I need to tackle my lunches next. I need to find a healthy, filling, and easy to quick-fix lunch plan that will become a habit that will lead me towards my healthy goals. This is my biggest obstacle right now, because of the way my life is organized. Perhaps I need to consider reorganizing my life? This will require some thought.

Have a good week. Remember, every choice in life has a price. Is it worth it?

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  The suspense continues with will March 2015 be the month she breaks the 200 lb barrier? No, really, I’d like to know!


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