Raw Food Journey – Day 104

‘Twas a smashing week! Why you ask? Working out was hard. I chose to get on my bike when I really didn’t want to. I was not motivated. I was also a bit tired from being sick the week before.

I walked my dog at the park one day because my hubby was sick in bed (my bicycle/trainer are right next to the bed) and I didn’t want to bother him while he slept. I was proud of myself for being flexible and still working out.

I haven’t been putting my food/exercise into MFP for the last two weeks. I was sick the first week and then I decided to see if I could lose weight (or at least maintain) by just listening to my body. Also I wanted a break from entering info into the site and I thought it would be a good dry run for the future. It worked well. I’ve maintained and maybe even lost an ounce or two. I am going to start entering my info again Monday.

I came up with a great idea for lunch. It was a “duh” moment. When I started this journey, the plan was to eat raw for breakfast and dinner and eat a cooked lunch. I knew that would make it easier on me as I was very busy and getting in late for lunch consistently. I would usually have a quick pizza or whatever was in the fridge. So I came up with the idea to have a baked potato and veggies. The problem was, in the back of my mind it wasn’t healthy because it was cooked. Then one day I slapped myself into thinking straight. A plate of veggies (even cooked) and baked potato is an inexpensive, fairly healthy, cheap meal. It fits into lots of my goals (I have some financial goals too). Time to give myself a High Five!

For those of you who think eating the same thing every day would be boring, well, I eat pretty boring, but I can switch it up too. I can choose different veggies or if I am super ambitious add a side of brown rice or whole wheat pasta or couscous.

I have to admit I was making so much progress early on that two months at pretty much the same weight stinks! I think I need to go back to a 1200 to 1500 calorie diet and push myself a little harder when I workout.

Today’s weight 203.3
I found an arm workout on Pinterest. I might add that into my workout rotation.
I have my healthy lunch plan, I’ll work this week to put it into consistent practice.
I’m still disciplining myself to choose fruit only for dinner, it’s a work in progress.
An estimated 30 lbs to go!



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