Goal, Goals and more Goals – RFJ Day 111

I spent Sunday night goal setting. I created a list of 1 year goals, complete with inspirational truths, a workout and exercise plan to lose 30 lbs in 3 months including a meal plan and printouts of the workouts I will do, an outline for a painting business, a writing plan, a grooming plan, a current business plan and a general personal financial plan. I even printed it all up and put it in my inspirational binder for daily access.

I got up this morning and read my goals and made some changes. It was a good start.

Then I get home for lunch and first thing I do is deviate from my meal plan. I will note I didn’t have the food I needed for my meal plan, but I could have eaten healthier. I had some goal additions and revisions from this morning, so I’ll make my adjustments and the rest of the day will be better! Plus I’ll be using this week to make more adjustments anyway, so it will work out. Very excited! I get to change again! (insert Napoleon Dynamite “Yes”)

So it’s Monday night; I ate horribly and despite cutting myself off, I’m sitting here 10:36 pm wishing I had a jalapeno corn dog from the gas station. I have tons of revisions to make to my goals. For instance, I set a goal to bike Mon, Wed, Friday and work do other exercises Tues, Thurs, Saturday, but I’m going to have to just let myself do whatever exercise I want on the day. I’m getting bored with riding inside so I’m going to have to move it outside. That seems to be a problem for me I have “been there done that” issues. That’s where mixing it up and plain old discipline are going to get me through.

Do you ever feel like you are productive in waves? I sometimes feel like Data on Star Trek (yes, I’m a Trekkie), when I’m on I produce and then suddenly I’m switched off, my mind wont focus and I find myself skimming Facebook when I am clearly not interested in anything posted.  So I say to myself, “what can I do here to make progress?” and I can’t seem to pull it together.  Then a few hours later, usually late at night, here I am at the gate, ready to sprint! It’s almost like I’m European and need an afternoon nap. That sounds tres chic. That must be it!

Anyway, after today’s epic fail regarding my new goals, I’ll do what I always do, revise, revamp and redo!

Despite this less than ideal start to the week, here is the progress I made this week:
1. Spent the week adjusting my goals, combining some, deleting others.
2. I ended March at 202.8 and I weighed this morning at 200.4.  Losing 2 lbs in 3 days is a good start to the month.
3. I’ve begun using 5 lb weights to do arm and abdominal exercises along with bicycling.
4. I favorited inspirational images so when I open up Pinterest, I immediately remember what I’m physically aiming for.

To end this article I just want to give myself a shout out “YAY ME!” for hitting 100 days of working towards a healthier life. MFP says I’ve lost 31 lbs since I started. I still have 30 lbs to go, but I am so proud of the progress I’ve made!


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