6 Continual Battles – RFJ Day 118

I’m glad my weight has been stuck for two months, then when I step up and finally do lose the weight, no one will be able to say “it was easy for you, but it’s too hard for me.”  AP

It’s important to know your enemy. In this case, my enemies are obstacles that cause me to stumble or cease making forward progress. Here are six that I deal with. I hope writing (and reading) this blog will help us know our enemies and create ways to win the battles.

6 Battles:

1. Sharing a kitchen – Anyone who shares a kitchen, be it with a kids, husband, roommate, or other family, who all eat differently, deal with temptations they wouldn’t have if it was their kitchen only. This can be more difficult if you try to eat together, family meals. While it is completely possible to eat differently than everyone else, it is a battle for me.
2. Changing schedule – I never know how long I will have to work. Sometimes I work several full days, through lunch break, other days I don’t work at all. When I get home 2 or 3 hours late for lunch, I am not thinking of being healthy anymore, just what is the quickest. On days off, sometimes I have so much time I snack too much and mess up my meal times. I need to remedy this by eating healthy snacks. Easy to take with me and easy to pick up at home when I’m between projects.
3. Depression – I use to face this all the time, not so much anymore. For quite a while, I hated my job and felt trapped, it made me feel depressed and unhappy. So I lacked the motivation to exercise and do any hobbies. I have since changed my life and put more focus on doing what I love to do. I have also been consistently exercising. Both of these things have pretty much eliminated my depression. Being a girl, I still have small hormonal fluctuations monthly, but not the huge ups and downs as previously.
4. Free/Rest Day – Surprisingly, my rest day has been a big problem lately. When I started riding my bike more I started eating more. This is fine most days, but since I still eat the same calories on the day I rest from working out, I usually gain back about 2 lbs. If that is all I’ve lost that week (it usually is since my calorie intake is so high) then I have to spend all next week burning off the same weight again. I know it’s simple, eat less. Well lately my eating discipline has not been as good as my working out discipline… Thus a cycle..
5. Distractions – Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed. It’s my own fault for putting pressure on myself, because I look at my age and think in a little under 15 years I’ll be 50 so I need to accomplish more and faster. So my new goals come to battle my current obligations regarding my current goals and I feel overwhelmed into a state of anxious wandering. I try to focus, but my mind just keeps wandering.  I also attribute my food choices to this lack of focus as well.
6. TV and food – Some things just go together. I was raised with tv and food. I always had a snack when I watched tv. Always. Popcorn, ice cream or full meals. To this day, I still find myself eating too much as I watch tv.

So there you have it. I’m sure you have issues you battle with. You might even relate to one of these above at different times in your life. I don’t have any amazing fix-it advise, other than to say be as consistent as you can. Just keep getting up and working out, just keep turning down two snacks in favor of one, keep trying new things. Keep working at it and you will attain success in that area you seek and hopefully that success will fuel a motivation that will bring on more successes in the future. I’m hoping this for myself.

The rule is the most consistent wins. The even better news is that you don’t have to be perfectly consistent to find success. You just have to keep at it. I’ve lost 32 lbs and I’ve been completely inconsistent. Sometimes a perfect raw diet, then completely failing my raw food diet with great exercise habits.  I’ve failed more goals than I’ve succeeded at. Don’t beat yourself up over your inconsistencies, just try to be a little more consistent today than yesterday.

Have a great week!


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