Small Victories – RFJ Day 125

Anal retentive? What me? No, I don’t count how many pumps of after shower lotion I use. And it’s not 14!  Theoretically, if I did I might have noticed that I need less lotion, about 25% less actually. Does that mean I have 25% less surface to cover? I’m going to say YES!

Back in 2010 my karate partner gave us matching shirts to commemorate earning our black belts. I put on the shirt the other day and it has a hole in it, so I had my hubby do a mini photo shoot with me wearing it so I’ll remember it when I have to throw it away soon. He took 6 or so pictures of me and for the first time in… ever… I liked EVERY one! I am getting to the point where I look so much better in my own skin and it feels WONDERFUL!
You may know how it is, when you have someone take several pictures and you don’t like your belly in one, your double chin in another and so on. Well, I can’t say for future photo sessions, but I’m calling today Hallelujah Wednesday!

I went on my first outside ride this week. The first thing I thought was “all my previous riding has really helped!” The second thing was “if I were eating healthier this ride would have been easier.” I, once again, was regretting eating poorly. I think as I continue to ride harder and up more hills, that will help push me back to healthier food.
I wasn’t too uncomfortable during the ride even though I’d eaten too much for lunch, but it did remind me how eating right is so important to performance. If I could go back two months and change all my unhealthy meals for raw ones then I would be about 10 pounds lighter and my mental and physical performance would be better. I can’t do that as I left my time machine in my other bike bag, but I can start today to make better choices.
Then I had this idea. Since a physical challenge is a great way to evaluate my health, I need to build one into my schedule. For instance every three months, schedule a hard physical activity like a long hike or a bike ride so I can say “I handled that well, I’m doing good” or “I’m hanging over this rock throwing up, I might need to re-evaluate.”

Physical update:
1. I’m realizing that while I am burning lots of calories, I’m eating too much high fat food. This has caused my weight loss to stall. Solutions: eat lower fat and/or add more intensity to my workouts.
2. I need to set more intermediate physical goals. My daily goals (exercise and calorie limits) and long-term goals (lose 30 more lbs) are defined, but intermediate physical challenges will be good checkups and could be fun.

I had a friend, just this week, tell me that I was inspiring her because I’ve been consistent even though the scale refuses to give any good news. Stay the course friends! This journey to health isn’t just for you. It’s for your family, your children, your friends, all the people in your life, even the ones you never knew were watching.


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