Wrecks and Gratefulness – RFJ Day 132

This week was particularly scary adventurous! I’m sure I’ve mentioned it, but if not, here’s the scoop. My Dad and I are planning a bicycle touring trip from Elma, Washington to Imperial Beach, California (or as far as we can get in 25 days). Where my Mom and Hubby will be picking us up and sweeping us off on a mini vacation to the happiest place on earth! Disneyland!

To the scariness: Dad and I were on a training ride this week, riding to town to pay some bills and ride back. It was going to be a good ride because it’s about 7 miles from town and 6 of it is uphill, about an 800 foot elevation gain; a good training hill.

The hill goes down, flattens out, then down again and we headed out. We got to the bottom of the first part and were on the flat and nearing the second downhill and I looked behind me (as I do frequently when riding with a partner) and I saw dad laying on the ground on the side of the road. I stopped and spun my head around and looked again and he still wasn’t moving. That’s unusual and obviously NOT a good sign. I turned around and rode back. “Dad are you okay?” “Yeah, I think so, my bike seat broke.” I looked at his bike and the seat was completely off, but the stem of his bike seat wasn’t broken. I called my hubby to come pick us up and found the broken pieces of the seat attachment. The bolt that holds the seat onto the stem had sheared off, snapping in two. He had been riding with no hands and just slid off the back of the bike.

Dad was still laying on the ground. “Dad, can you get up?”  “I don’t know?” he said, but he did successfully get up. I gave him some water and he said his stomach was nauseous. “Dad that was really scary!” “Tell me about it!” he said.

My hubby came and we decided to take dad to the hospital.  Turns out he had gravel in his hand and bum that they had to clean, and his back and wrist were pretty sore and jarred, but he had no broken bones and no concussion.

I’m so grateful for all the ways I saw God protecting Dad (and me) in this accident. Some of these things are: no broken bones, he was back on his bike today (Saturday) and doing fine.  I wasn’t behind him, if I had been riding too close I could have run over him and both of us wrecked. We had a cell phone. We were on the flat ground and not on the steep downhill. He wasn’t using his hands, so he slid off the bike instead of being stabbed by the seat stem. I looked back right after it happened and before I was too far away. It happened now so he has time to heal before we head out. He had gloves on so his hand was damaged much less. No concussion. We definitely had angels watching over us! I hope that NEVER happens again, but there is still so much to be thankful for.

On a lighter note, Dad’s up and riding again, so we took a ride to the lake and boy am I thankful I didn’t  eat those extra chips before I went on today’s ride. It never fails when I’m on the bike and pushing up a hill, it’s like I get this super human ability to remember every candy bar I ever ate.

Food is so important to fueling our bodies and performance.  I’ve been drinking green shakes and changed to whole wheat chicken sandwiches from nachos. I’m also staying away from the cheese more. Next weeks food run will include salad fixings.

Have a great week and treat your body kind by feeding it more food and less processed food substitutes. Also say thank you to God who clearly protected my dad and me this week from what could have been a much worse accident. Thank you God!



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