Cycling Adventure Series – Bicycle Trip Warm-up and Evaluation

Four packs and 30+ pounds later and all I have to say is “Yikes!” Today we went on a pre-ride to make sure none of our gear catches on our bikes and there was no other trouble. The gear was fine, except riding feels so much “draggier” (yes, I just made that word up) with the full packs. I just dropped 30 lbs, now in one day I got it all back! Don’t worry, I’m not complaining in a serious way, I’m super ready to be out on the road, gear weight and all.

Riding with packs requires more focus on yourself, especially when going uphill. The bike is heavier, so I stopped on a hill and tried to start again and missed my clip and luckily caught myself, but I could have fallen over. Dad is pulling a trailer and when we stopped on the hill, he did fall over. He wasn’t hurt, but he had to start going downhill, get all clipped in and turn around. Plus if we are going up a long hill with lots of traffic you just have to trust the other person is okay until you can stop. We do have whistles to use, we will need to come up with some kind of whistle code I guess, or maybe yell, “woody woody hoo, woody woody hoo.” Ha!

Now the depressing news. The last time I weighed and measured myself was back on March 28th. I weighed 203.4 then. The depressing part is that these last couple weeks I’ve been stressed and unhappy and eating a lot, plus not working out because of business, stress and bad weather. So I now weigh 208! Yeah, I know, I’m pathetic. So I’m pretty sure my measurements are going to be the same as they were when I measured back in March. I’ll let you know if I’ve made any progress by the end of the bike ride.

My goals for the ride:
1. To listen to my body and eat only when I’m hungry
2. To eat as healthy as possible (mostly fruits and veggies, salads and sandwiches, nuts)
3. Drink only water and Gatorade
4. (Ideally) lose weight to get below 200 (again) and lose an inch minimum on each part of my body


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