Cycling Adventure Series – Back home – Missing You Already

Welcome back! To both you and me! It’s been an eventful 5 weeks.

I’ll be reviewing my bike trip for a few weeks, filling you in on all the fun and excitement we had, sharing some pictures and reminiscing. Then I’ll be revisiting my Raw Food Journey Series, possibly making some changes there as I’ve been focusing on losing weight, eating and exercising, but not really focusing enough on the “raw food” part of the journey, so if it’s to retain the name, I’ll need to make it more raw food oriented. I will also be spending some time making changes to my blogs appearance. I’m still new to WordPress and my learning curve has been slow, but hopefully, positive changes are on the way!

UPDATES: As mentioned in my last blog  I had a few goals when I left on my bike trip:
1. To listen to my body and eat only when I’m hungry
2. To eat as healthy as possible (mostly fruits and veggies, salads and sandwiches, nuts)
3. Drink only water and Gatorade
4. (Ideally) lose weight to get below 200 (again) and lose an inch minimum on each part of my body

#1. I did well on listening to my body. There were several nights I had snacks that I didn’t eat, because I felt my body was satisfied with the food I’d already consumed. Also I learned I don’t need as much food as I thought, even bicycling several hours a day. It’s a saying with bicyclists, you only think about two things, eating and where to sleep, and while this is a lot true, I noticed this time I focused on food a little less and took more time to enjoy the ride. I carried emergency bars just in case though.
#2. We ate at Subway almost once a day. I ate what I wanted, so I still had some unhealthy foods like chocolate donuts and chocolate milk, but we ate several salads and had fruit probably everyday as well. While I could have chosen fruit more, I am pretty happy with my choices.
#3. I mostly drank water and Gatorade, but I also had chocolate milk and root beer with my subway sandwich.
#4. I was (just like the last trip) disappointed with my weight loss. When I left I had gained weight and was at 208. Our last day riding was June 7th. I didn’t get home and able to get on a scale until after our Disneyland trip. I weighed for the first time on June 14th and I weighed 202.4. Totaling a weight loss of 5.6 lbs.
My measurements I am estimating a little bit, because #1. I suck at measuring myself! I can lose 5 lbs and then measure my belly and I’ll have gained an inch… yeah sad.. I’d probably have to tattoo marks on my body to make sure I put the measuring tape in the same spot each time, but here are the stats that I think most accurate – Inches lost: Belly pooch – 1/4, Ribs – 1/2, Hips – 1/2, thighs -1/4, Upper arm – 1/4.  We rode a total of 20 days, with three rest days and a day waiting to be picked up making the total bike trip 24 days.

During this series I’ll try to put more stats like what our average daily riding time was and other things you might find of interest. Have a great week and Enjoy the Ride!


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