Spanish & Art

The story of my bicycle trip is written, my raw food journey is stalled, however, I’ve set some new and different goals.

#1. Speak Spanish “relatively” fluently in 6 months. Starting – November 3, 2015  Ending – April 3, 2016
#2. Increase my art skills  – also in 6 months ending April 3, 2016.

I realize my Spanish goals are “relatively” clear with a good deadline, but I’m still not sure how to quantify my increase in art skills, other than look at my art now and at the end of 6 months and see the difference, so for now that will have to do.

I’m using Rosetta Stone through the library and LOVING it! Also I meet weekly with a group, who are learning English as their second language, Spanish being their first, so I hope to help them learn English while I learn Spanish. I also have various Spanish language programs on my Ipod. I will keep you up to date on how the classes go and the progress I am making.

Regarding Art – I am currently working on my drawing skills. I am subscribed to, which I highly recommend (no I’m not getting anything from saying this, except the hope that maybe you will benefit from it as I am.) I’m currently dabbling in multiple mediums, but I believe that learning to draw will benefit all my creations as I bounce from medium to medium. I also am subscribed to a couple You Tube drawing lessons, but I don’t watch consistently.

Here are a few images of my latest art endeavors.

My first attempt at drawing two friends. I drew it, then erased it back and used chalk pastels. It’s the first time I’ve ever used chalk pastels and erasing back my drawing I couldn’t tell where to put the color! Mistakes: 1. Used graphite instead of pastel pencil for the under drawing. 2. Erased back the under painting too much so I couldn’t tell where to put colors. 3. A bad under painting wont allow a good finished product. 4. No idea how to use chalk pastels. End result – It’s so horrible! Hah! I’ve titled it “If my best friends were aliens from a distant planet.”

portrait IMG_8539

My second attempt at drawing two friends.  They are in Japan eating squid on a stick. This picture is better, they look a little more human.


Experimenting with oil pastels for the first time.

oil pastels

Oil painting from tubes of Artex paint. They were my Grandma’s and many years old. I was surprised the paint was still useable. It’s titled “Emma.”


The featured image is a Pinterest experiment, seeing if baby oil (I used mineral oil) would blend oil pastels. It said to use Q-tips, but I didn’t like that, so I used a stiff bristle paint brush dipped in mineral oil and it worked pretty well. It does blend the oil pastels. I painted on canvas paper and I checked it the next day and it still wasn’t dry. I’ll have to check it in a few days. Ultimately if it doesn’t dry it might end up more therapeutic than useable.

Looking forward to a future with many more words and better art.



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