Spanish & Art 3

It’s been a busy week with the Thanksgiving holiday. I haven’t accomplished as much due partly to traveling.

What I have accomplished is:
1. I re-wrote my Yearly goals (they run from birthday to birthday instead of New Year to New Year.) I condensed them to what I’m most focused on right now.
2. After trying to create a planner, getting overwhelmed, simplifying, trying again, repeat cycle… I settled on printing out my goals and taping them into my journal. I tabbed that page and I plan to write my “to do” lists in my journal and tab that page as well, so I can flip to them easily. I will have a separate work “to do” list, but hopefully this will be flexible and simple enough for me.
3. I missed Spanish Class last week, so I’m excited to get to it this week. I’m trying really hard to add Spanish conversation into my day.
4. I’m continuing to use Rosetta Stone and the flash cards of the most common Spanish words on Anki.
5. I hope to begin 25 Art projects in 30 days in December, I’d like to do 30 in 30 days ideally.

I have a few personal/work things happening as well as Christmas, etc.. so honestly, December is probably not the best month to try something like that, but I can’t help it. I figure if I work harder and am more disciplined, I should still be able to accomplish all the things I want to do as well as the things I have to do. In all honesty, I usually fail, but I’d rather try then fail, than wait till January and feel like I wasted December by putting things on hold.

Keep moving forward!


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