Spanish & Art 4

It’s fascinating how I seem to have no innate art skills. My friends still so generously call me talented, probably because art is so subjective and the internet is filled with dare I say “bad” art that looks like a child created it, but maybe also because I seem to have moments of genius where everything just works out right, like a portrait I did of my mom’s high school picture so long ago. I call it “genius” because it was my first portrait and one of my first paintings. Oil on canvas, when my total training consisted of Bob Ross reruns. I also did it without an under-drawing. Any painting that I have on my wall more than ten minutes without getting tired of it, I’d say has a little bit of genius in it. (Note: this picture is a quick snap shot under glass because my initial quality photos are packed away).


However moments like this are so rare! I was watching Art Tutor the other day, the series on painting landscapes with acrylic, and from the very beginning I’m was in awe! I’m placing all my subjects wrong, and have not been “taking control” as an artist. I’m learning how to arrange a picture. It’s so simple really, these techniques that I feel like if I were a good artist I should have realized it on my own, if not done it naturally, but nope. I’m clueless. But… I’m also so blessed and so excited to be learning so much!

I haven’t created any art this week, or studied my Spanish. (sheepish look). I am, however, moving into a small studio that has clogged drains and a mouse problem, so that has been occupying my time. I did discover my idea of writing a daily to do list directly into my journal works wonderfully… if I use it. I have no problem using it really, but when the one thing on the list is “get house ready to move into.” It sort of seems silly to start a list. Then when you start 10 projects in the house and have to wait for the carpet to settle and the drain cleaner to work and the poison to kill the mice, I end up coming to my current house worn out and feeling like those five hours I worked I didn’t actually accomplish anything.

This week I hope to be better in regards to accomplishing. I am still planning on creating 25 projects this month, they might not be what you expect, but I hope to show you what I mean this next week! I’ve also got a tutor for Spanish, to do some one on one sessions, along with my regular study and Spanish class. I’ll fill you in on that after my first “session.”

Working to get back on track!


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