Spanish & Art 5

This week has been full of mouse poop and bleach, neither of which I know how to say in Spanish or want to use as a theme for an art project! The only painting I’ve done is under a sink and around a water heater. I have good news though, the unit is coming along and I will be moving in shortly! I’m sure that probably disgusts half of you. I remember several years ago when I started dealing with rentals, I was completely grossed out by the whole process. Now having seen it all, it never fails when we go into a disgusting house and clean and fix it up, right near the end, I always find myself saying “well, this looks so good, I’d live here!”  This current house is getting a larger dose of bleach than I’ve had to use previously, but it’s starting to look inhabitable!

Honestly, I’ve been putting off Spanish, and thinking about my 6 month deadline and thinking “How am I ever going to accomplish it if I don’t start to push myself.” I am still going weekly to meet with my Spanish group and starting next week I plan to start my one on one lessons.

Regarding art, I am moving into a smaller place than I have now, so my hubby and I will have to significantly downsize, which isn’t a big deal, I’m naturally a minimalist. We wont have internet (I’ll write my blog at my office) and we wont have tv either, meaning we will have to watch movies on our laptops. I’m very excited about this, and plan to use the time to create art, listen to music, read, write that book I’m suppose to finish and make all sorts of progress. If I get really ambitious I’ll even start eating more raw!

I suppose you know by now I’m a definite dreamer who thrives on change. I’m looking forward to moving, as usual.

Regarding art, I’ve been tossing around an idea for using my art to benefit a cause. This has been bumping around in my mind for quite a few weeks now. I’ve recently read (am reading) a few books by Jen Hatmaker and am encouraged to make some changes to benefit mankind. I’ve also recently watched, A Christmas Carol, with Patrick Stewart (my favorite version) and I can’t get the line “Mankind was my business” out of my head.

SO I suppose this week has been a stirring of a fire inside, rather than one where I made progress in Spanish and Art, but all in all, I consider it a good week.


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