Spanish & Art 6

This week has been a full one! We got moved into our new house. We are going from a space with 20 ft ceilings to a small unit with 7 ft ceilings. The other day I woke up and felt like I was sleeping in a sardine can! LOL! We have to be choosy on what we bring with us obviously, but I’m loving it! It’s so peaceful to be just my hubby and me. Oh and the dog.

REGARDING ART: This week I was fairly productive. I drew and painted, just for fun. I am having to adjust to the smaller space and things are a bit cluttered around me, but I don’t seem to mind that in my art space. It’s still organized, just “full.”

I did several projects to meet my December challenge of 25 projects in 30 days.
I created a list of projects, as ideas, in case, I didn’t know where to start one day. (if you don’t plan to succeed, you are planning to fail!)


worked on designing a Christmas maze, a great gift idea for the kids, but it has since been abandoned for regular presents bought by my hubby.
placement. I got a horrible picture and tried moving around the objects in it to create a more appealing photo. I will be doing this more as this is definitely a good skill to have.


I tried to sketch the Angela character for my husband’s children’s book. We haven’t decided on a style, and my skills are definitely lacking, but I started!
Through a conversation with my hubby I started a bench design.. He says it’s great and he will be happy to put it together as soon as the technology in my design is invented. I responded with a “Hmph!” and a scowl.
I’ve been praying Ephesians 3:20 every day at 3:20 pm, so I tried to sketch a couple of general ideas for a poster on the subject.
I worked on making basic shapes turn into 3D shapes. 
I drew an ink line style city.
I designed a new desk top for my sketching desk. I usually cover it with yellow butcher paper I happen to have so I don’t mess up the white writing area, but this time I used duct tape and various papers, just as something different.
I took paint swatches I had from home depot and got out my paints and tried to mix colors to match the swatches. Surprisingly, this was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. If I can see a clear color I can get fairly close to a match, it’s the seeing it in my head (without a reference) and creating it that is the bigger problem. (the swatches below I’ve matched, some are so good you can’t see them! Yay me!)


My swatch color matching project, and having a smaller art space gave me the idea to see if I could create a limited pallet. I currently have 37 colors (tubes of paint). Not counting about 6 or so backups. I was able to eliminate some colors that I wasn’t happy with (like silver and gold
too transparent for my tastes) and also to use some colors to mix others. (so if I need that color in the future I can just mix it from my limited pallet). I cut my colors down to a basic pallet of 11 colors, including black and white. My little simplifying heart is ECSTATIC about this!


To use up an old painting I wasn’t happy with, I painted a 60’s style girl on top of a painting of a flower, I had done just for fun. It was a fun project and I used it to help with my human proportions. (length of limbs, etc).


REGARDING SPANISH: I set up a weekly schedule with a Spanish tutor. He’s a friend, and he has tutored in spanish before, so that’s a plus!

We have no internet or tv at the new house, so I have to use Rosetta Stone at my office, but I’ve been listening to Spanish audio so that is helping. I have my first lesson this coming week, so I’ll let you know how I do.

Keep moving forward!

PS. Sorry about any mistakes and the lateness of this blog! We have no internet at our house and apparently the library is giving me a different font and my wordpress site looks different! Yikes!



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