Spanish & Art 7

It’s been a busy two weeks! I was walking everyday in the snow, then I went to lunch with a friend on the 22nd. I fell three times that day! Those crazy falls that happen on tv, both feet slipped right out from under me and I fell on my butt! I got right up from the first two, but the third time, I found it so absurd that I start laughing. I probably laughed for a whole 30 seconds, before I could get up. This was also when I landed wrong and hurt my butt and my wrist! Ouch! So the next day I skipped walking to heal and then we had Christmas!

Then I slept a last horrible night on our borrowed bed (it’s a long story, but we’ve had it since we moved into the new place) and we ended up banished to an air mattress on the floor. It was wonderful and I would have slept great except I got sick and spent the next 5 nights and 3 days sleeping! I haven’t been that sick in so long! I literally slept all day and night! The 30th I woke up and realized I might make it to 2016, I wondered for a few days!

Regarding Spanish
I had to skip my Spanish tutoring the second Monday because I was sick, but I went the first week and it was very great! Our general plan is to work for 15 minutes on vocab, 15 minutes on phrases and sentences, then 30 speaking in Spanish with the phrases and sentences, making conversation. I found a Berlitz one hour cd lesson with short pamphlet at the library, that I plan to use in our next lesson. I want to go over everything with G (my tutor) and make sure I’m saying it right and the phrases are ones used commonly (from last weeks list,  a few phrases he said – “we wouldn’t say that” or “that phrase doesn’t make sense.”) Then I plan on studying them all week and the following week asking any questions about it and then we should be able to have a great Spanish conversation.

Regarding Art
#13 – I made three photo collages of my parents taking selfies from our last Disneyland trip. It’s to post on FB. I’m sure my parents and all their friends will get a kick out of it.

#14 – I practiced drawing various trees and leaves.

#15 – I practice drawing various mustaches. The hardest part for me is getting both sides the same. The funny thing is that I don’t like facial hair on men (at all), but I think moustaches are great in art and to use on characters.

#16 – I created a paisley pattern. I found this idea in a book and it was SO fun and therapeutic!


#17 – 23  – are what I have affectionately termed “trash art.” This is any art that I do just for fun, maybe to try a new technique or something I think will look cool (but rarely does), but it isn’t anything that I could/would hang or sell.  This usually takes an hour or less and it’s something I create without much effort or precision. Sometimes I don’t even have an idea in mind when I start I just sort of roll the paint on to the canvas and see how it looks. I’m also using “trash art” to work on mixing colors, for instance the cat below is black, but I didn’t use any black paint. I used a mix of colors.






#23 – is a good example of a new technique. I used my paint brush with a glob of paint and then sort of rolled it on, the idea was if the paint can go where it wants then it will look better. You know how cool a splash of paint looks, when accidentally dropped, but somehow that look can never be reproduced, well I was going for that. Yes, I know, I failed. I can live with that. 😉


#24 – Practiced drawing people walking away. Sometimes I try to draw something just so see if I can. I’m admittedly better at copying than drawing from my imagination.


#25 – I started reading the book Creating Characters with Personality by Tom Bancroft. It has a story outline to create characters for and assignments. I’m enjoying it! By the end I will have created 8 or so characters, two animal characters and have a cool skeleton story they fit into. Below I was practicing various body shapes because the book says one of the first things to decide is the characters body shape.


Below I am working on finalizing the general body shape of Dillon, the hero. He’s a lazy young gun slinger, with a good heart. Despite the circle around the last one, I am undecided at this point.


Miraculously I made 25 projects in 30 days! I did this while moving to a new house, losing internet and tv, working, Christmas holiday stuff and getting so sick! It didn’t turn into what I thought it would and it was not anything like my inspiration, the book Daily Painting, where she creates a work everyday to sell, but I guess I’m more focused on stretching my skills than selling. I did, however, draw things I would never have thought of, learned a few techniques I will use again (I’m fascinated by line art), and it got me moving. Creating art on days I felt completely uninspired. I pushed myself to grow and that is always a great use of 30 days.




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