Spanish & Art 8

This week I’ve been playing with color. I started by memorizing the complementary colors. I kept getting confused regarding blue and purple’s complementary’s so I created a phrase to help me remember. Red and Green BO PU. Red and Green are complementary. Then BO for blue and orange. Then PU for Purple and yellow.  Then you’re suppose to say “Yellow is Y not U.” Then we laugh. It’s a personal joke between Marc and I. It’s from Sleepless in Seattle, when they ask the little girl where Tom Hank’s son has gone and she says “NY.” Then the dad says, “that means No way” then Tom Hanks says “That’s NW.” Marc and I always laugh at that, probably because we are MFEO.

Anyway, it’s been fun. I’ve made a lot of awful colors, but had a few nice surprises too! I’ve made no quality art, although I’m working on a view of some buildings and the sky. I’m pleasantly surprised at how it’s turning out, but also I’m reminded how I stink at clouds! Bob Ross makes it look so easy, maybe my short pinky fingernail is throwing off my balance and causing cloud suckage. Either way, don’t be offended, everyone loves Bob Ross and his happy trees.

Spanish update: I downloaded the Duo Lingo app onto my phone so I’ll start using that since I can’t use Rosetta Stone right now. We had a busy work week so I skipped Spanish class, then my tutor cancelled because we’ve also had horrible weather. I am excited though about meeting with my tutor again and going over the Berlitz program I got from the library. I plan to work really hard to memorize it then use it in our next meeting. The format is great too, because it reminds me of some of the questions I have, like when to use “soy” or “estoy” and others.

That’s about it for this week. Sorry no pics. I’ll have to work a little harder at getting pictures that describe the processes and are interesting.

This week has been full of work and stress. At one point I had to do an emergency entrance of an apartment where I heard the shower running and I was worried that I’d find the tenant dead in the shower. It was scary for a bit. The good news is that besides a little bit of mopping up water and a shower head fix, no one was dead. I finally did get in contact with the tenant, who is thankfully alive! All this craziness this week reminds me I need to find a way to channel my stress into my art. It’s not natural for me to decompress by doing art, but if I could discipline myself to do art when I am happy and when I am stressed, imagine the positive results! Would I create two different styles? The results are definitely worth some effort towards that end! Keep Moving Forward!



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