Spanish & Art 9

Traveling always opens my mind and restores my hope. When I was traveling this week, I found a blog on Pinterest about bullet point journaling. I’ve heard of this before and even done it in a basic form, but the information revived my interest in using it more creatively in my current journal. I also found some life journaling pins that I might incorporate in my journal too.

One idea was to draw a sun if the weather that day is sunny, or clouds with rain if it’s rainy. Using a basic symbol or simple drawing to convey & record the weather of the day. For me this works perfectly. I can keep track of the weather, which I usually don’t record in my journal, but I think would be interesting information when I’m older looking back.

Also I spent some time writing my goals, or rather updating them, which I usually have done by November or December of the previous year. I’ve been working on many of my goals already, but I hope to be able to use an organized system to make more efficient progress in the coming weeks.

My main obstacles are winter (the cold, icky weather and snow make me unhappy), and some work and family stress. I’m working to come up with a way to inspire myself in tough times. I’m fairly adept at getting up and doing what I need to do, even when I’m feeling depressed or completely dreading the day as I’ve achieved some discipline in this area already, but I need to find a way to inspire myself and get outside of the small dreary world I feel like I sometimes live in and bring in hope of an exciting future!

Hopefully this coming year will bring many techniques and disciplines so I can keep the ball rolling, no matter what obstacles show up. Keep moving Forward!


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