Spanish & Art 10

What a week! I got a new phone! I’ve been putting it off for probably at least a year, maybe more, but I was visiting some friends and realized I could use a phone to help stay inspired. My last phone was very cheap and barely had enough room to search the internet, so my new phone can do everything I want, LOVE! Now I can view inspiring art online and stay connected better which makes me happier in winter, especially since where I live, the valley usually fills with clouds and the sun and sky can hide for weeks!

I painted a picture of some trees on a hill while listening to the radio and music on youtube (on my new phone) and had so much fun! It’s the first picture I wanted to paint again to try to improve. I’ve repainted it three times trying to improve. Each time I make it better and at the same time make more mistakes. I am having fun though. (I’ll get pictures more in the future, I’m dealing with learning new technology, having limited internet access and needing to work on my computer to debug it).

Regarding Spanish: I noticed in the church bulletin that there is a Spanish service on Sunday’s, so I thought since I need to find more friends who speak Spanish fluently that I’d go. When I walked in everyone looked at me like I was in the wrong place. LOL! I definitely surprised them, but Naomi said I could sit with her family. She put me beside her friend Deyah (not sure of the spelling yet) who spoke English.

Deyah was so kind to translate in English the songs for me, which were also repetitive so that helped. She would have translated the whole sermon, but I told her I’d try to listen and figure it out myself. I took notes on words I heard and want to look up. I have a Spanish bible and was able to follow along, but my comprehension was probably about 1%.

I had a great time though. I felt bad for my so sweet hubby, who decided to walk with the dog up to meet me so I didn’t have to walk home alone. The service started at 7 and Marc figured an hour an a half so he was there waiting outside with the dog around 8:15. He waited for 2 hours! I came meandering out at 10:10 pm and was just getting on my phone to tell him I was heading home when I saw him and the dog. I said “how long have you been waiting?” He said “You don’t want to know!” I felt so bad! Then I told him when it’s dark I will always text him to tell him I am leaving, so if something were to happen to me he would know about what time I left. Now that we’ve cleared that up (you should all have plans like that with your family) we are good to go!  Marc said “I figured it was a Spanish Methodist service… I didn’t know it was going to be a Spanish Pentecostal service!” LOL! I can joke about that growing up Pentecostal. The funny thing was Deyah told me they would stay longer and have food but the church locks up at 10:30 pm. haha!

Altogether, I had a great time. I was blessed with a new phone at a great price! I had fun painting and learned a lot. I met some new friends and learned that when you are thankful to God for your life and your blessings and want to praise Him for it even language barriers can’t stop it.


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