Spanish & Art 11

Regarding Art: I spent this last week working on trees. I painted with acrylics and pastels. I’m starting to see progress in my art and I hope to begin showing some pictures this coming week! I’m taking lots of photos with my new phone, but we haven’t debugged our computer yet (hopefully this week), however, I’d like to learn to write my blog using my phone as that will be what I hope to do if I get to take another bicycle trip down the coast this coming summer. I’ll need to see if there is a way I can put it on my phone without using data though, or maybe it doesn’t use much data if I’m just online. It’s the videos and Netflix that use the most I believe.

Regarding Spanish: I went to Spanish church again this week and Deyah wasn’t there, so I really had no translator at all, however, I am muy feliz (very happy) to say I understood twice as much of the sermon than the previous week! I’m pretty sure Pastor spoke about purification and changing from children to adults (spiritually) and how Jesus makes us happy and something about getting fat on potatoes. 🙂 So I’ve still a long way to go!

I’ve been using the calendar app on my new phone and LOVE it! I’ve set times to read and pray, work efficiently at work, clean house, create art, practice Spanish, write a book, Exercise, walk my dog, practice music (right now it’s music theory and ukulele because I live in a small house and my keyboard wont fit), write in my journal, and read an educational book for at least 30 minutes EVERY DAY! I’ve been successful to do this every day now for 4 days. (Not Saturday and Sundays). I’m so excited! I’m looking forward to my days, because I’m accomplishing so much! Also, I am surprised that I can do all of these things, including art and working on my book for one hour each and I still have plenty of time during the day. It really is true we do have plenty of time in each day if we prioritize. I know I’ve just been squandering my time, without even realizing it really.

More soon, I’ve got to go set up my workout room! Keep moving forward!


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