Spanish & Art 12

Hello everyone! This will be my first post via phone. As you can imagine, it will be shorter than my other blogs.

Regarding Spanish: I have been consistently studying 30 minutes a day, however, since my original fluency deadline was/is April 2016, I am adding extra time when I can. I can’t recall the exact date at the moment, but I will do my best. On that date I plan to take a standardized fluency test to see where I am. My current Spanish activities are a 3 hour church service, 2 hours during the week meeting with my Spanish group, and using Duolingo app and Memrise app 30 minutes a day minimum. I did have tutoring scheduled, but it didn’t work out.

Regarding art: I have scheduled one hour a day for art. I am using that time to do everything from studying new techniques to drawing and painting. I’ve even been thinking about collage, and I just bought my first charcoal pencils. I’m also actively drawing more in my journal. This week I experimented using a light acrylic wash in my journal and then writing over it. It worked wonderfully. I will do it again. (You can see the journal entry and artwork at the end of this blog.)

I also bought and inexpensive travel journal to write down all the books I read in 2016, January 1st to December 31st. My goal is to read 300 books in one year, however 197 is my personal best. I always keep a list of the books I read, since I set number goals, but I recently chose to list them in a travel journal because as I wrote at the beginning of the travel journal,  “I have traveled the world through many books,” so it seemed appropriate.

Keep moving forward!



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