Spanish & Art 15

Spanish has been fun this week. I received several bilingual children’s books from the library, so I’m having fun with those.

After our tutoring session, I drove my student home and we communicated quite well in Spanglish. So it was good for both of us, since we’re both learning each other’s language.

I also purchased with earned Lingots on Duolingo a sweet outfit for my Duo bird, as well as extra sections on flirting and idioms.

Regarding Art: I am going to try really hard to read and do the “homework” in this book I got from the library.

I usually get bored before I finish something like this, but I will try to do this in full. I will keep you updated, including photos on my assignments.

I am hoping this project will help me focus more on fundamentals, because lately I’m leaning towards just messing around in my journal.

I’ve also decided to learn how to write with my left hand, so I’ve added the practice time to anytime I watch TV. I started practicing last night when I couldn’t sleep, and when my husband saw my handy work beside the bed this morning, he threatened to send me to the funny farm till I explained. However it does work well with the lights out, since writing with my left hand is really working on fine motor skills and I don’t have to write anything I have to read later.


Keep moving forward!


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