Spanish & Art 16

Tutoring in English has turned out to be quite helpful in learning Spanish. I’ve been instructed to speak only English while tutoring because it will be the only hour a week that student has immersed in English, however, since she is less comfortable speaking in English she rambles in Spanish and I have to figure it out and then I try to say in English what she should have said and respond in English. I try to get her to speak in English a lot.

Also a couple weeks ago a friend I met at Spanish class said she would like to help tutor in math. I said I didn’t know if the Literacy Council did that, but then it turned out my student is trying to get her GED and needs help in the math section. So now both of us are learning Spanish and helping with math, and because I know a little more Spanish than my friend I’m “the Interpreter” of sorts… well me and Google Translator.

Regarding Art: I didn’t get as many projects done as I would have liked because of lack of time. I’ve actually been working more as it’s tax season, but I have done a few projects.

My first project was mixed media with water, rocks, paint and photography. It turned out pretty well, so I’ll be exploring this more. Here’s one of the photos.


I also worked on some drawing projects, from the book I mentioned I would be working out of last week. I am working with both my right and left hand on many of the projects, but not all of them for the main reason of lack of time. I have an hour of our time right before my book writing hour so often I have to stop in the middle.

Surprisingly these projects are exhausting. I don’t feel like they should be, because they’re so small, but often after following the directions for 30 minutes I’m mentally tired.




I completely messed up the proportions on this last picture. However looking at the subject upside down and just drawing what you see is an exercise I will try again. It’s fun and I’m attracted to linear art, it’s therapeutic.

Keep moving forward!


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