Spanish & Art 17

I’m not sure why I have such a fixation on speed. I’m always trying to read faster, draw faster, learn faster, and accomplish faster. Never mind, I know why. I feel like life is on fast forward and I look around and I’m not accomplishing as much as I think I should. However, I find that with art, I am happiest if I lose myself in the project and put everything else out of my mind. I can’t create freely if I am thinking in the back of my mind, “Just get this project done and move to the next.”
This week I’ve been working with photography and want to begin selling some prints. I’ve also drawn a few more sketches to work on my foundational skills. Here is some of this weeks fun!





Here are some sketches.



Here’s a painting I did.

Regarding Spanish: nothing too exciting to report. I’m on a 57 day streak on Duolingo. Working to have extreme focus while I study and writing as I study to help with memory retention.

Keep moving forward!


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