Spanish & Art 18

Regarding Spanish – it’s not quite April but I took a fluency test and scored rather poorly. Which proves that in the real world my friends who speak Spanish fluently either accommodate me by repeatedly using the same words or by speaking in English. Also that I need to tweak my study habits a bit. Taking the test I felt so lost! It’s extreme, I either recognize the words immediately or it looks like complete gibberish. It mostly ends up being the second one. I was impressed that my fluency level with this test and my Duolingo app are quite similar. That’s encouraging.


Regarding Art: I did several more drawing studies, but honestly it wasn’t much fun. I’m having a hard time being interested in the subject matter.

I am going to stop writing weekly for a bit, maybe I will post once a month. I’m losing interest and my original goal to push myself is not happening. I also don’t feel like enough is happening to create quality content weekly.

I’m shifting my focus to add more bicycle riding, for my health, to alleviate stress and because I enjoy it.

It’s been a rough couple months, but even if slowly, keep moving forward.


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