Maui or bust

We are planning a trip to Maui during the winter and I am starting to think about how in shape I want to be. I want to take surfing lessons without killing myself, and lose some more weight by then. That means I need to start exercising. I recently had my bicycle tuned so I’m going to start riding that, as well as, I found a Zumba Wii game. I started using the Zumba game just this morning. I’m looking forward to exercising consistently until we leave! (and hopefully forever). I lost a couple of pounds this week and that was before I started exercising, so I’ve hope that I’ll lose faster now that I’m moving more.

I have the type of body that gains weight all over which basically means I can gain or lose 15 lbs and no one will notice. This sounds great, but it also means that I gained a lot of weight over the years and it seemed so gradual that one day I looked it the mirror and I was huge! Now that I’ve changed my eating habits, I’m starting to lose fat. I can tell because my body is looking smoother, but it also means that I carry so much weight all over my body that it’s going to take a while to get it off and it be noticeable. Maybe one day I’ll step in front of the mirror and be surprised, wow, I’m skinny! (a good skinny of course). Well, here’s hoping!

I can’t wait till I can really see the results. I will also go measure myself today, because the scale alone isn’t a good indicator of weight loss progress.

More soon! Keep Moving Forward!




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