Raw in Pieces

First off, I suck at being raw! I’ve been eating green shakes for several years now and just today, I got home from a bike ride and was thirsty for more than water but didn’t want food. I also didn’t want Gatorade, which was my previous go to for electrolytes. I settled on flavored water. I tossed frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple, ice and water into a blender. I have a Vitamix, mind you, and it can chop up wood blocks I’m told. Anywho, I blend it and it stops turning, so I add another bottle of water, same thing, I add another and then another bottle of water. Finally it starts swirling  so I figure I’m good. Finally, I open it and a little water pours off the top and then it’s like a snow cone! It’s like the ice and the water wont mix! Normally, I’d be thrilled to eat a snow cone, but today I specifically wanted a watery texture. Leave it to me to be starving for nourishment and even with the best blender on earth, I mess it up. HA! So if you are several years in and still messing up blending, well, you’re not alone.
This week has been.. well, I was going to say a disaster, but it might be better if I say it has been full of lessons that I apparently needed to have re-emphasized in my life. We went to eat out with friends and I had my favorite meal from my pre-raw days. A ragin’ cagin’ chicken burger with onion rings. So not healthy, but I figured I’d be okay since I usually eat out once a month when visiting family. Well, it’s three days later and my stomach is just starting to feel better. Meat and cheese are so heavy on my system and take so long to digest! I had the best time with my friends though, so next time if I don’t feel strong enough to order something healthier, then I’ll just have to visit at their house.

Last week around Thursday I started craving soup and since I haven’t been able to make any raw soups I’m happy with, my hubby picked up some canned soup from the store. This brings up two things, first I need to put in some serious time into some raw soups, or at the very least soups I make at home so I know they are healthy. Winter is coming and in Washington it’s always hard for me to be raw when it’s cold and snowy and the fruit and veggies are not local and fresh. Second I started feeling so depressed! I’m not sure if it’s because of my monthly cycle or eating the cooked food, but I think it’s both. I’ve noticed my emotions get a lot more negative when my body rhythms change, when I eat cooked food and when I am stressed at work or have projects coming up that I particularly dread. So with a combination of all three it’s hard, I have to force myself to get out and ride my bike. I’m basically forcing myself to change my endorphins and the hormones flowing in my body. I usually feel better when I ride.

I haven’t seen much progress lately even though I’ve been riding my bike, which surprised me and has been disappointing, but I didn’t gain the weight in a month so I wont lose it in a month.

Summarizing this week has been hard, but this is where discipline comes in. I’ll try my best to stay away from the cooked unhealthy foods, I’m craving and to ride my bike when I feel unhappy. It will get better.

I think it was Zig Ziglar who said we need to take action and then the motivation will come later. Don’t wait for motivation to act or we might never act. That’s what I will do. One lesson I have learned over these last few years is that I don’t have to feel happy to do what’s right or to be disciplined. If I’m unhappy or depressed anyway, then I might as well be doing something that is pushing me towards my goals until my attitude or emotions change.

Keep moving forward, even if only slowly.



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