Rough in the Raw

It wasn’t a good week. It started with a lot of stress, followed by a craving for soup. Then other cooked food, then fast food. Finishing with a week of foods that made my stomach hurt and upset, affected my sleeping and in general made me feel icky.

I added up my food budget for August and it totaled around $345.03. That’s not including some of the times I ate out. Eating raw is by far cheaper for me, because as exampled this last week, when I eat cooked food I crave more cooked food and more junk, which is expensive. Also I tend to crave fast food or restaurant food which is super expensive. This last week was a bad ending to the month.

A few good things that happened this month, I spent $35.00 on peaches at the beginning of the month and froze many of them for future shakes. A couple of weeks ago a friend let me have some apples and pears. I bought lunch out as a thank you ($25.00 and counted $5.00 for gas to drive out-of-town to meet them). I counted those in my food expenses, but that gave me several boxes of apples and pears for future shakes and enough apples to do a juice fast for a few weeks at least. I will have to spend a little more in gas, but otherwise they are just giving me the fruit. YAY! I plan to make that a huge part of my consumption in September to cut down on cost and to do a simple juice fast which I think will help me to get back on track.

I’ve slipped up this week and my stomach is definitely paying for it, but I’ll be back on track tomorrow. Keep Moving Forward.


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