Juice Fast – Day 1

I’ve succeeded in juicing today. As this was day one and I decided to juice on a whim, I only had apple juice today. I have a friend who has an orchard and they have several apple trees that wont be picked or have fallen on the ground, so they are letting me have the fruit for free! I’m so blessed! These are Gala apples and they are the best for juicing!

We got seven boxes two Thursday’s ago. I gave two boxes to my parents and am juicing the rest. I’m saving some of the pulp and freezing it for future use this winter in either shakes or raw muffins, etc. I don’t like wasting.

Today I got 10 more boxes. Since I’m able to get this fruit for free, I’m going to make it a huge part of my food budget this month to cut costs, help save for my Maui trip coming up and hopefully give me a boost on weight loss since last week was such a disaster. I want to get closer to my goal before our trip. I’m thinking to myself “wouldn’t it be nice to go on a vacation and feel like I look great in all the photos?” I’m not sure if that will happen, but I’m going to try!

I have a very slight headache and am probably a little hungry, but I think I’ll have some green tea and relax this evening. Tomorrow I plan on buying some greens and other vegetables to juice. I want to try to get in as many nutrients as possible during this juice fast. I’m not sure how long I’m going to juice fast for. I’d like to do it for a little while. If I were honest with myself, I’d like to do it until I have the perfect body, but I’ll just start with a week and see how I feel then.

Keep Moving Forward!


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