Juice Fast – Day 4

Juicing is going well, I sometimes crave food, but because I want to see progress in my health and weight it’s easy to stick to the plan.

Bowel movements are pretty much non-existent, which makes me realize how important fiber is to one’s diet. Most people who juice recommend doing a coffee or other enema, because of the lack of bowel movements and to help with cleansing the body.  I’m considering doing one, but I wont likely be telling you about it if I do. Sorry, guess I’m not that “tell all.”

Oh, on a side note, I clogged the sink in our 5th wheel with all this juicing. I know (from past experience) that fruit and vegetable pulp will clog pipes and I’ve been throwing most of the pulp away, not down the drain, but it still clogged. So let this be a lesson to you, put as LITTLE pulp or green shake or smoothie’s down the drain as possible. It will clog your drains and unplugging it will stink to high heaven!

Weight this morning was 215.8.



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