Juice Fast – Day 7

I finally slept last night! That was so nice! Then I took a nap this afternoon and had to force myself awake, I could have slept several more hours. It’s about time!

This morning I tried the green shake will the carrots, cucumber, bok choy, celery, parsley and cilantro. It had the juice from say five apples, which helped, but not enough. It’s horrible! Lol! I drank most of it today, but still have more for tomorrow.

I know what your thinking. Why am I putting all these veggies together with no thought to flavors? It’s a quirk of mine. I hate cooking. I’ve always hated cooking, so I’ve never paid any attention to what flavors would be best with other flavors. This means I tend to find all the foods I think have vitamins I probably need (or are cheap) and shove them into a blender or juicer and drink them. Yes, many taste of swamp water.  Such is my curse. 🙂

I miss chewing. I’m still eating plenty of calories and I’m not hungry, but I’m losing interest in juice. I tend to just drink it when I feel hungry. I suppose that is the relationship people are supposed to have with food (plus a little bit more enjoyment when they do eat), but I’ve always had a “think of something that is convenient and eat it till I’m stuffed or the movies over” attitude. I’m glad I’m not like that as much now. When I eat cooked food with all the different flavors and textures it’s easy to get bored with one and move to the other food then come back and ultimately over-eat. When I eat raw I tend to eat more simply. I also eat quite a few mono-meals.

I don’t think I’ve finished getting all the benefits I can from this juice fast, so I’m going to keep at it. Plus it has nothing to do with my health, but I’m super excited about how this is affecting my food budget! I’ve spent about $144 less than last month at this time.

Weighed this morning: 212.0.


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