Juice Fast – Day 8, 9, 10 & 11

Day 8

As I mentioned previously being on a juice fast for me has meant almost non-existent bowel movements after the initial two days, however, my honey and I had a conversation today that struck me funny. I had just come out of the bathroom and said “Guess what, I just went to the bathroom… a little.”  He looked up at me and said “That’s great, Honey. I should get you a card.”

I am feeling a little tired of drinking juice.

This morning weighed this morning 211.

Day 9

Nothing eventful today, except I was too lazy to juice apples so I drank OJ all day.

This morning weighed 210.8.

Day 10

I’m realizing I need to start dating these entries. I’m losing track of the date vs the day. Today is 9/14/16. Fortunately WordPress saves the date I publish so that helps.

I was completely surprised to see I’d lost 1.8 lbs this morning. Although, I have to say, I’m using the same bathroom scale each morning, but I’m not sure how accurate it is. It’s good enough for this experiment though as my actual end weight isn’t really the most important thing. I do have a weight goal, but my health and the way I feel and look are most important to me rather than a number on a scale. Honestly I’ve always wanted my numbers to be a little higher. Say I look exactly the same as another person, but I weigh more, I’d be happy with that, because it would tell me I have more muscle and would assist me should I ever need to protect myself or…. I don’t know, break a door down with my shoulder. Ha! Okay, too many Janet Evanovich books.

This morning I weighed 209

Day 11

I’ve started drinking other juices. Ocean Spray Cran-grape 100% juice. It has water, juice and concentrate and then a couple of vitamins added, but no added sugar, so I figured it was okay. Plus I needed to switch things up a bit as I was getting bored.

I’ve realized today I am finding joy in juicing. It’s something I can control. When life get’s stressful and things happen, for instance, I have a close friend whose had some serious health issues and I feel so sad that we might lose them (fortunately today they seem on the mend), that it’s been nice to say “even if my whole life seems like it’s filled with things I can’t control at least I know I can control what I put in my mouth.” I can choose to eat healthy. It might not make me invulnerable to disease, but for today I was able to make something go my way.

This morning I weighed 209.4


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