Juice Fast – Day 12

Today I had a sudden craving for everything! Burgers and sandwiches and salsa, healthy and non-healthy food alike. I was sitting on my bed and suddenly it hit me. My eyes flew open wide and I said to my hubby, “Food sounds so good. I want a hamburger and chips and salsa and Mexican food and rice.” Just for a minute I pictured all that food in my mind and it all seemed so delicious, then just as quickly I let it all go. It’s not really the food I want, it’s the excitement. That time I asked a friend to help me learn about cars and the second time we met he ended up taking me on a date, but I was so young and innocent it took me a while to realize it.  Then that time my best friend asked me to join her in China and we were in a hotel and starving and we had food delivered that turned out to be not to my liking. It wasn’t about the food, it was about being in a foreign country, everything new, a little bit lost and anxious and lonely. It was the thrill of a lifetime.

I miss that. I miss Lost Lake Camps with friends. Staying up late, eating chip and dips then playing spoons. Screaming and laughing and watching spoons fly across the table. Funny stories over the campfire and hikes up Strawberry Mountain.

Today I’m ending my juice fast. I’ll start by drinking smoothies and slowly incorporate other things. It’s been fun and I’ve made progress, although I have so much more to go. Tomorrow I’ll post my final weight and I’ll check to see if I lost any inches. Wouldn’t that be a hoot if I did!

Weighed today 208.4


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