Back on track and all over the place

I’m thinking about so many things! Here goes…

Having finished the juice fast over a week ago it’s been interesting to see my progress, but I’ll get to that in a minute. At first it seemed like I didn’t see much change during the juice fast, but it was only 12 days and I was a bit lazy. What I mean is that I drank mostly orange and apple juice when I should have bought and juiced more veggies to get a full spectrum of nutrients. Anyway, lesson one was juice more veggies.

Juicing is so messy! I’ve learned a few tricks like putting a Wal-Mart bag into the pulp catch for easier clean up, but open that lid one second before the blade stops spinning and I’m cleaning apple off the underside of my cabinets for weeks! Yuck!

Second I was happily surprised to find I only gained about 4 lbs when I started eating again. I’ve settled out at about 2 lbs. I also learned that my digestive cycle is about 12 hours which will be helpful in the future telling how my body reacts to different foods.

Now for the good news and progress report! I’m a very simple eater (a convenience eater) since I hate to prepare food. I’ve settled into a routine for now which I’ll change when I get bored, but I’ve been having a green shake for breakfast and then eating a delicious home-made pico- de gallo recipe with baked sweet potatoes instead of chips. This cuts way down on the fat and salt from normal chips and I’m loving it! Actually I’ve been eating it twice a day for about ten days (I said I was boring) but I’m not sick of it yet, so I’m running with it. I’ve also had a few baked garbanzo beans and I’m still drinking juice. That’s about it. Since my fat intake is so low I’ve notice my body is dropping fat. My legs and arms are smoother and I can see more definition in my muscles. Obviously, I’m super excited about this!

I’ve been avoiding nuts and other fats, but in the future when I get closer to my desired shape/size then I’ll be adding more good fats in.

I told my nephew last week that most people as they get older start losing their health and muscle mass etc. but I want to be the opposite. I want to become a little healthier every day. Eating something good my body needs or trying out a new exercise or doing a different mental exercise. I want to do the opposite of what others do.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who watches people and sees them so unhealthy like the overweight woman who has to use a cart in the store or the man whose knees can’t do more than shuffle because of the excess weight he carries and besides feeling so sorry for them, I feel a desire to not be that. I have this anxiousness deep inside that makes me want to make smarter choices. I’ve always felt like this, but I haven’t always walked with my eyes open. Obviously, since I got fat anyway. These last few months have been different though, I’ve been walking with awareness. Seeing the way I was treating my body and the damage I’ve already done and now I’m fixing it.

Keep Moving Forward!


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