Changes and Challenges

We’ve moved again. I’m now living in a house with my Grandpa and Parents. This is a reoccurring theme in my life and it always makes a raw food lifestyle a little bit harder. My Parents pantry has pancake mix, canned soups and various other things I don’t keep on hand. This isn’t quite as big of a problem as when my mom cooks something like spaghetti. I like spaghetti and garlic bread and I LOVE not having to cook, just being able to eat. So if I see a meal I really like and happen to be low on fruits that sound tasty or have to fix a salad to eat, it’s takes discipline to prepare the salad and many times I’ve failed. I don’t say this to condemn myself, but rather to point out that going from all raw to several cooked meals and then back to raw is hard on my body. I face the same challenge when traveling. We tend to eat out when traveling and going from raw to burgers and fries or fish and chips for several days then back to raw is difficult. Lately we’ve been traveling a lot and visiting friends a lot and it’s caused me to need to come up with some solutions.

One idea I had is to make a list of all the foods that I can eat and give it to my best friend. She always asks what food I’m going to want when I visit and usually I say, I’ll eat whatever. She tries to have fruits and veggies in the house to help with my goals (she’s my biggest supporter), but I would do better if I had an organized plan. Or at least a little more organized. Despite all the changes (which I love, but they do make routine challenging) I am doing great eating healthy. I’m eating healthier than I’ve ever eaten before for a longer time than ever before. (Thank you Jesus!)

Also I’m exercising a lot. I’ve been riding my bicycle for 1 to 3 hours each day. I’m trying to really increase my time.  I’d like to ride in the S&P (Seattle to Portland) ride in the future and I saw a Netflix movie called “Inspired to Ride” which made me want to ride across the Trans AM bike trail.

I also started taking Aikijutsu again! I was getting antsy, not practicing a martial art and so I took it up again. I had my first class today and I had so much fun! It’s been so long since I’ve used my body and mind together the way necessary in studying martial arts and I really missed it. Plus I just love the activity and the thought I’m working toward a goal. One goal being a black belt in a second martial art and obviously the goal of being able to protect myself and others around me if necessary. I’m a work in progress.

Keep moving forward!


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