About this site

“Pushing to Change” is what this site is all about. In my family I’m the one who is always pushing to shake things up. I love to move around, travel light, and am forever writing and re-writing my New Year’s Resolutions. I write resolutions about three times a year, going back to my written goals and tweaking them, adding more, then taking some away.

This site is all about my journey as I push to change. I’ll be sharing my journey to a raw food lifestyle, as well as, doing a series of physical challenges and sharing my experiences. I’ll also be taking on challenges such as learning to speak a language fluently (as fast as possible), pressing my art skills to earn some cash, etc..

I’ll be honest about where the journey takes me, but work hard to present each obstacle with a light of optimism.

The goal of the site is to encourage all of you – through my experiences – to “Push to Change!”